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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Israel's Unique Humanity - In Haiti!


Dear Friends:

The events in Haiti are tragic and one has to search far and wide for inspiration in the face of a human tragedy of such magnitude.

While the genuine inspiration provided by the State of Israel and its IDF (the Israel Defense Forces), as evidenced in the links below, pales in comparison to the broader catastrophe at hand, it is nonetheless important and worthy of our attention. It will stand forevermore as a source of pride for every Jew and every Zionist - alongside Israel's rescue team that responded heroically to the recent and devastating earthquake in Turkey and the Israeli field hospitals in Kosovo that are still today acclaimed for their superb medical care and tireless efforts to repatriate families after the Serbians were expelled almost 12 years ago (and alongside, as well, countless other similar but less publicized humanitarian interventions by the IDF).

Only this time, CNN recorded the unique humanity exhibited by the Israelis - and broadcast it to the world. With this link, let Israel's humanitarian resolve be recalled and admired by all - always:

But, there's more. Witness the miracle of birth amidst the rubble, as three babies are born at the IDF Field-Hospital in Haiti, one of them named ISRAEL in thanks to the young men and women of the IDF!

Finally, and recorded as events unfolded, view the heroic efforts of IDF personnel, saving the life of a 52 year-old man buried beneath the earthquake's rubble:

The State of Israel's response to the tragedy in Haiti reflects the sacred commitments of every Jew and every Zionist, everywhere. When Israel's humanitarian values, particularly those of the IDF, are next called into question by detractors, let us stand together in defense of Israel and in advocacy on Israel's behalf with at least as much passionate resolve as the pride we took moments ago when viewing the links above.

May Israel's efforts, and those of all free nations who love life and have committed themselves to Haiti's aid, meet with the greatest possible success. May our prayers on behalf of those in desperate need be heard.

B'Shalom - With Blessings of Peace,

Rabbi Isaac Jeret
Chairman of the Rabbinic Cabinet
Friends of the Israel Defense Forces -

Rabbi Isaac Jeret
Spiritual Leader
Congregation Ner Tamid of South Bay
Twitter: rebisaac